Nox is an ongoing personal project for mobile, focused on helping people fight the urge to postpone tasks, procrastinate, and ultimately create good habits to be more productive and improve their well-being.
In order to develop this project, I focused on discovering the main struggles and problems that lead people to procrastinate and leave things for later.
My goal was to define the areas where help was more needed based on research and interviews. And analyze their current strategies as well as methods used, in order to develop possible solutions.
Currently, on the 4th Sprint, re-designing the Interface to make it more attractive and engaging.
The Challenge
Since ultimately is the decision of the user to commit and improve. The challenge consisted of finding ways to help the user with their daily activities and make the experience not an obligation but an exercise of improvement. 

Solutions (Productivity+Reinforcement)
● List of daily activities to be done.
● Rewards for the completion of each task.
● Break suggestions based on the Pomodoro technique.
● Focus on creating a new list every day to nurture a habit of organization.
● Personalize daily goals to create a sense of responsibility and commitment.
● Positive reinforcement messages instead of punishment.

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