The Power of UX
Who are the users?     What tools do they normally use?     What interfaces are familiar with?      What they would like to see?      How many photos do they edit?      How often do they edit the photos?     What are the main problems of the users with the current platforms?    What is Computer Vision Technology?

User's current software (aka Competitors)
Photoshop  |  Lightroom  |  VSCO  |  Snapseed  |  Procreate  |  Facetune  |  Aperture  |  Luminar  |  Capture One
By asking the users to show me how their editing process, I was able to see what tools they were using. Adding this to the insights from the business analysis, helped me to create a list of tools and treatments.

With a series of card sorting tests, I was able to decide the priority and the order in which they should appear in the interface. 

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